Art 412 Conceptual /Information Arts: Technology Applications

Assignment 1 Animated Life Issue

The most common animation most know is derived from cartoons (for example, Disney).  Animation has a long illustrious history before Disney and cartoons.  Artists explored abstract motion, experimental linkings of sound and image, surrealistic and synthesized worlds, etc.  Computers have made it much less tedious to produce animations than was true with the traditional cell based systems.  Contemporary computer artists have  explored a wide range of new animation.  This assignment asks you to create a short animation using Director.

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Please browse these sites to learn about the history of animation and see some examples of current animation.

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Classics of Computer Animation and Abstract Animation

Project Steps:
You are asked to create a short animation study (30 seconds or less) using Director. A forced combination strategy will be used as the design challenge.

1. Identify some major life issue you are currently facing - for example, in the realm of relationships, family, finances, college plans, career, political views, art goals, ethics, figuring out the meaning of life, etc. Write it down in one sentence.

2. Pay attention to the first 5 words you hear tomorrow morning when you wake up. Write them down.

3. Identify your favorite food. Write it down

Create the animation that explores the life issue you identified. One of the first five words and an image representing your favorite food must be components. The animation should convey to the audience some personal perspective on the issue.

Technical Specifications:

Use Director to create the animation. Include one of the first 5 words and your favorite food as components.

Use at least two of the following Director techniques to orchestrate the animation: 1.Real Time Recording, 2. In-betweening, 3. Looping, 4. Cast to time, 5. Space to time, and 6. Paste relative

This is a quick study. It must be ready by the due date.

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Reprint from The Technique of Film Animation (By John Halas and Roger Manvell, 1959  Chapter 15: Experimental, Avant-Garde and Art Films) -

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