Art 412 Conceptual/Information Arts: Introduction to Art & Technololgy 
Tentative SCHEDULE      (Note subject to change)

Week 1  Aug 24,26

Introductions, Course Objectives & Procedures, Creative, Arts Context, Student Profiles & Mutual Support,  Administrative Details, Lab Procedures. Art As Research, Operating Systems, Using The Computer, Animation

Intensive Introduction to Director, Paint Systems
Animation , Advanced Graphic Tools, Graphic Formats, Scanning, Image Editing, Introduction to Programming, Lingo/Javascript        

READING ASSIGNMENT:   Wilson, "Dark & Light Visions" (due Tu/week 3)
READING ASSIGNMENT: , Director -Adobe Users Guide - Read sections: Getting started, Workspace, Score, Stage, and Cast, Sprites, Animation, Bitmaps,Vector Shapes
* TECHNICAL ASSIGNMENT 1:  Forced Choice Animation (due thurs/week 3) 

Web Research  Assignment1:   sample computer animations - abstraction, non-narrative forms 
Web Research   Assignment1B   - review tech artists web site - pick 2 to present   (due Tu/week 4)
CIA Artists links, paragraphs, image art 412 wiki -

Week 2 - Aug 31, Sep 2

Art As Research.   Theoretical Stances.  Critical Theory, Postmodernism, Discussion "Dark & Light Visions" , Monitoring Disciplines Outside Of The Arts.  Monitoring Science And Technology.  Sources Of Information, Areas of Artistic Activity

READING ASSIGNMENT: Director Adobe User Guide --  Navigation and User Interaction
READING ASSIGNMENT: Director Adobe Scriptiong Guide -- Introduction, Director Scripting Essentials, Writing Scripts in Director
Week 3 - Sep 7,9

Work on Navigation Assignment/Scanning

Web Research :   hypermedia works

  READING ASSIGNMENTS:   Adobe Scripting Guide -- Debugging Scripts in Director, Director Core Objects, Media Types
Week 4 - Sep 14,16

Interactivity, Hypermedia, Navigation In Director, Lingo, Markers, Buttons, Mouse Movements Structure of Lingo, Scripting

READING ASSIGNMENTS:  Director Adobe User Guide  - Text, Sound and Synchronization, Using Digital Video
READING ASSIGNMENT: Wilson, "Design of Interactive Events" (due week 6/tues )
View Animations   - Forced Choice animations - ass1
* TECHNICAL ASSIGNMENT 2:  Hypermedia   (Due  Week 6/ thurs )

Week 5 -  Sep 21,23

Underlying Principles of Computer Graphics
Fundamentals Of Electronics, Digital And Analog
Lingo Control of Images
Targeted media, Customization, Discussion "Design of Interactive Events"

Week 6 -  Sep 28,30

Alternative Number Systems, Relationship Of Systems
Lingo Control of Text, If statemensts
Sound Aesthetics, Technical
Lingo Control of Sound
Week 7 - Oct 5,7

Sound (cont), MIDI, Speech, Art & Technology
Lingo, repeat loops, randomness, lists

* TECHNICAL ASSIGNMENT 3:  Sound/Information Structure  (due week 10/ thurs)

Week 8- Oct 12,14

Computer Memory, Hardcopy Output Devices,
Aesthetics of Text   Advanced Lingo

View    - Hypermedia - ass2
READING ASSIGNMENTS:  Adobe Scripting Guide -- Constants, Events and Messages, Keywords, Methods, Operators, Properties


Week 9- Oct 19,21   No Class - Professor out of town

Week 10-  Oct 26,28

Computer Languages, Social Impact Of Computers,   Digital Video,

Week 11 - Nov 2,4

Interactivity, Virtual Reality, Applications In The Arts, Mathematics Of Graphics,
 Manipulation of Text, Lingo Repeat Loops, Random, Variables, Publishing Shockwave
, Printing
*TECHNICAL ASSIGNMENT 5 Final Assignment: (Due week 16/ tues)

Week 12-  Nov 9,11
View Experimental Artists
Comparison of Computer Systems
View Assignment 3 Sound
Week 13- Nov 16,18

Artifical Intelligence,

Lingo - Time, Lists, Idle, X-tras, Shockwave

Week 14- Nov 23,25     --Thanksgiving Vacation-

Week 15- Nov 30, Dec 2

Field Trip to Exploratorium
View Assignment 4

Input & Output Devices, Control Of Real World Devices, Ubiquitous ComputingDevice Control
Digital Video
Review Tech Artists - Wilson Presentation, Review, Control of Devices/Sensors   -  Troubleshooting of projects

Week 16 - Dec 7,9

Tues - View Final Presentations  (1st part of alphabet A-L)
Thurs  - View Final Presentations 
(2nd part of alphabet M-Z)