Quick guide to using Oculus Web Camera Software for the Mac

Stephen Wilson  - CIA /Art Dept/SFSU 

A  create a folder called webcam in your folder in tele07  (for example for me it would be tele08-swmaster-webcam

1. Start the Oculus Software
2.  Enter the password into registration for Oculus.  This will enable you to save settings.
3   Configure Oculus for Web Camera work via the settings

4   In Documents - change the size if you want  start small default 320x240
5  In Schedule -  Leave Schedule alone to start  - later you can set

4  In FTP enter the values to setup the addres
- the host must be either orion.sfsu.edu  or apollo.sfsu.edu
- the account must be art511_c
- the password must be xxxxxx
-- turn off safe upload

--in Trigger , set up how often you want to refresh  - start with something you can see if it is working like 10 seconds

- in Photo set up  - settings - probably jpg,  no thumbnail,
- how many images to cycle
- size of the image
- the ftp destination address.  (~art511_c/public_html/tele07/swmasterf/webcam/tester.jpg- in my case
   Change it to indicate your folder and give the image the name you want


there are many other advanced settings such as captions, triggering situations, archived webcam images, etc

Sample html page

Here is a sample of the basic html page that will access your image
note the no chache  (makes browser load new each time)
and the refresh meta commands  (sets how long before forces a reload)
change the image src to be your folder
for me it is tele08/swmaster/webcam/tester.html
assumes you have named your page tester.html and the images tester.jpg (you could change just need to change urls)

<title>You LIVE!</title>
<!-- replace the yourhost.com URL below with URL of where this page will go -->
<meta HTTP-EQUIV="REFRESH" CONTENT="5"; URL="http://user.sfsu.edu/~art511_c/tele08/swmaster/webcam/tester.html">
<meta HTTP-EQUIV="Cache-Control" CONTENT="no-cache">
<body background="" bgcolor="#ffffff" text="#000000">
<h2>You LIVE!</h2>
<a HREF=live.jpg>
<img SRC="http://user.sfsu.edu/~art511_c/tele08/swmaster/webcam/tester.jpg" WIDTH=320 HEIGHT=240></a>

This is a picture of me.
The picture is updated every minute.

<h3>Created with <a href=http://www.intlweb.com/>Oculus</a></h3>


3A   setup assistant - page 1 name your webcam some short name. disregard the other options
3B  setup assistant - page 2 leave blank
3C  setup assistant - page 3 (webcam destination) click upload to external
3D setup assistant - page 4  (web page creation) click upload page to external web site
3E setup assistant - page 5 (web page reloading) leave at default - client pull
3F  setup assistant - page 6   go ahead - click ok