Art 511 Conceptual/ Information Arts: Art & Telecommunications - Internet, Web Art, Netart

Professor: Stephen Wilson
Fine Arts  539 ( A&I annex)
Phone: 338-2291
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Office Hours: Tues & Thurs 12-2 (Best to confirm by appointment)


This course explores the Internet and Web as a subject and a context for art.  It asks students to develop critical/analytical and practical skills.   It has three broad foci:

Course Requirements:


Wilson - online guide to html
Negrino, Tom and Dori Smith.  Javascript and Ajax for the World Wide Web (6th edition) Peachpit Press, 2006 (required)
Wilson, Stephen.  Information Arts: Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology.  MIT Press, 2002 (recommended)
  (Book information site with Amazon link -

Supplemental Text:  Wilson, Stephen. Web Design Guide. Hayden Books, Indianapolis, 1995 (out of print)

Grade will be based on class participation and the quality of lab exercises and projects. Students will be expected to maintain a systematic portfolio documenting their course activities.  All web pages and sites must be submitted in the method describe in the class index so they can be archived.

A grade of A will require significant extra effort including the following:  1. Regular  monitoring of a web realted trade press journal or website and 2. Use of advanced technology in the final project such as Flash, Shockwave, advanced Javascript,, etc.

Prerequisites: Consent of the Instructor  (**priority enrollment for CIA majors)

Instructional Materials Fee: An instructional materials fee of $20 is required to cover computer lab supplies.

Main Web sites for course:

Syllabus (this document)
Index with links
Course Objectives
Class Tentative Schedule

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Health and Saftey
Working with computers and electronic devices poses certain hazards to muscles, sight, posture.  Students need to be aware of these dangers and the precautions that can be taken.  Please consult the CIA safety guidelines.
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