Art 511 Conceptual Design: Art & Telecommunications
Tentative Course Schedule  (Note times and topics subject to change - labs may be cancelled to continue in class demos)

Tues date Tuesday Thursday 
Aug 26 Logistics, Introduction,Communication Theory, Internet, HTML
##Low Tech communication (ass 1)
 Work on Low Tech (ass 1) and learning HTML
Sept 2 Introduction to Web authoring, HTML, Web indexes/search engines, information arts 
##Web Art Review (Ass 2)
HTML/  Tables

Sept 9 HTML/ Image media,,Transpaprency, formats, uploading process,ftp
HTML/ Image media / style sheets, frames
**Presentations: Assign 1 - Low Tech Communication Events


Sept 16 **Presentations: Assign 2 -Web Art 
style sheets,
style sheets
Sept 23 Style Sheets
##Social Computing (ass 3)
Imagemaps, Animated gifs, frames, style sheets
Sept 30

social computing sites
exemplary art
Style sheets
social computing sites
exemplary art
Oct 7
Html - forms and frames
#Web camera assignment (ass 4a & b)
Visitng lecture:  Julianne Tolson, sfsu webmistress
 Sound / Video

Oct 14  Sound /Video
Javascript Dynamic HTML

Present exemplary web camera (ass 4a)
**Presentations: Assignment 3 - Social Computing Concept Documentation Site
Javascript Dynamic HTML

Oct 9 Internet, Email, TCP, UNIX, Editors, Telnet, FTP,Newsgroups, Listservers, Gopher 
Oct 21 Copyright. 
##TBA  (ass 5)
##Final Project - Topic Based Site (ass 6)
**Present exemplary webcamera sites
Javascript Advanced Web Authoring, Web Indexes and Search Tools Hypermedia Design and Information Visualization
 *Remote sign on experience (Mini-Ass A) -
Oct 28

Web Media - sound, video, 
PDA's, Cell Phones, Web Appliances,

Hardware, Modems, Telecom software, History, Telephones, 900 services, telemarketing, Celluar phones, universal service. 
Web Authoring software - Dreamweaver

Mini-Assignment A : Distance Education and Chat Environments

Nov 4  Javascript Dynamic HTML 
Javascript , Dynamic HTML -cont

###Final project proposal due (Ass 6)
LAN, computer networks, Multicomputer events, program control of browser, Forms, CGI

**Presentations: Assign 4 -Web Cameras due
Nov 11  Javascript , Dynamic HTML -cont

Social Issues: Security, Privacy, Telecommuuting, Censorship, Access, Convergence, commercialization, etc   Future issues: virtual reality, telepresence, artificial intelligent agents, Mobile computing

Nov 18 Javascript , Dynamic HTML -cont
**Presentations: Assign 2 -Web Art II
Javascript , Dynamic HTML -cont
Dec 2 Javascript , Dynamic HTML -cont dynamic html   - lab
Dec 9 dynamic html   - lab **Final Presentations (ass 6)  bonus points for presenting
Dec 16
 Presentations of Final Ass  (start at 9:10)

Reading Assignments  due
- Any text or online resource on HTML
-Wilson, Stephen    Information Arts.  ( Telecommunications Art)     chapters 6.1 - 6.4   complete by Thurs, Sept 11
-Negrino,Smith       Javascript  (section on style sheets) by Sept 23
-Negrino,Smith       Javascript  chapters 1-3, and 7  completed by Thurs, Oct 23
-Negrino,Smith       Javascript  chapters 4-6, and 9-13  completed by  Nov 13

Assignments due

Sept 4  -  Assignment 1: Low Tech Communication
Sept 11 -   Assignment 2: Locating Exemplary Web Art 1
Sept 23 -    Assignment 3: Intervention in Social Computing

Oct 30 -    Mini-Assignment A : Distance Education and Chat Environments
Oct 23 -     Assignment 4a  Present exemplary web camera or video chat based site
Nov 11 -    Assignment 5: TBA
Nov 6  - Final Project (ass 6 topic site) proposal due
Nov 4 -   Assignment 4b: Web Camera based event (all groups)
Dec 9-11  Assignment 6: Final Project -Information Art - A Topic Based Site