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    3 - D web environments

    Most Popular Web Sites (2008)

    www.sina.com.cn, www.baidu.com, www.yahoo.com, www.msn.com,www.google.com, www.youtube.com, www.myspace.com, www.live.com, www.orkut.com, and www.qq.co

    Wireless Web Sites    WAP and others

    WAP Information Sites

    Wap. com
    GSM World WAP Overview
    Web ProForum Tutorial: WAP - covers concepts of wireless applications, the WAP, and its associated architecture.
    WAP Resources - information on sites, devices, gateways, employment, browsers, and wml.
    Yospace, Ltd. (emulator)
     Jumbuck  (sample applications)
    Wapland.com  (news)

    WAP  Search Engines

    Gixom WAP  Catalog - a directory of wireless sites.
    Wireless Application Protocol  (yahoo buisness sources)
    Wireless Application Protocol  (yahoo engineering sources)

    English Websites  (wapsilon web links)
    Wappy: Free WAPcreation and WAPredirect. Make your own WAPsite now!
    mopilot: A WAP searchengine/portal. (Formerly known as WapMap)
    WapHoleSun: Daily updated news!.
    Teraflops: Online gif to wbmp converter.
    WAPuSeek: Reviews, faqs, news, and of course: links.
    webcab.de: Several WAP Services.
    wap-uk.com: Info and links
    Cellmania.com - web enabled cellphone info
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