Art 511 Art & Telecommunications 
Assignment 6: Final Project: A topic based Web event

We live in an "information age". Many see the Web's expansion of information access as its major contribution to culture. Much of this information is organized by topics - for example, particular items in business, education, entertainment, science, art.

Many artists are now beginning to work with information as their focus. They are assembling unusual kinds of information or presenting common information with new perspectives and frameworks. They are using visual communication to induce viewers to think about the topics in new ways.

For this assignment, you are asked to create a Web site focused on one particular topic. This topic should be specific, not general - for example, tuba music instead of music in general. Your site must show strong idiosyncratic perspectives on the topic chosen. It must be composed in a way that would be unlikely to be executed by a practitioner in the field you picked. Remember, part of what artists can do is create unexpected links among various subjects.

Project information requirements:

Project technical requirements: