Style Sheet Mini Assignment 3b

Using embedded style sheets please do the following to this page:

1.  Make all lists have light green background and italics text.
2.  make a class called .redb and make the section    This assignment..... 3 parts  -  have a red border.
3.  make a class called .greenb and make the section   Consider using....covered by these   - have a green border
4.  make each of the numbers in the first list be giant font, bold, and purple.
5.  make the title of the page   "Art 511 Art & Telecommunications"  float 50 pixels down and 50 pixels from the left

Art 511 Art & Telecommunications

Assignment 2: Web Aesthetics: Judging Online Web Events

This assignment asks you to explore Web art aesthetics. There are now several international juried art shows focused on Web art, but the criteria of excellence are still in flux. This assignment asks you to refine you own aesthetics.   It has 3 parts:
  Consider using the following criteria. Write a short commentary about what you found interesting in your top sites. In your own commentary you can propose other criteria of excellence if not covered by these.

This page is part of Art 511 New Communications Technologies in the Conceptual/Information Arts Program.  It was prepared by Professor Stephen Wilson..