A joint studio/research course taught by Professors Steve Wilson and Paula Levine
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How to get coolcams to work with ttc and other software

Make sure you have the maccam version with the 10.3 fix on it
if you are using mac os 10.3
they have a link on their site for the driver.

Since maccam has its own built in driver, the fact that it works is not sufficient.

for another program such as ttc to use the driver
you need to drag the macam.component to the quicktime library
it should have been downloaded  with the download of maccam application - the maccam component

you get there by clicking on system then on libraries then on quicktime
it has to go into the main system libraries not one of the users libraries
you would need special administrator priviledge

here is link to the original fix

here is the link to the maccam new version which supposedly works

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Surveys of Artists exploring Motion Interfaces and Activated Objects/ Mixed Reality