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This website touches on a few research projects and other strange and odd topics of interest in my dotage.

Also, see my somewhat dated bibliography of forty-plus years.

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Playing cards -- ZByte website... The 500-plus-year history of the playing card deck is fascinating. Its basic design of four abstract suits and 52 cards has not changed since the 1500s. But, the microprocessor has enhanced the game scene. With this in mind, I explored the possibility of a new design that had more relevance and more educational value for the 21st century. What finally evolved was ZByte, a 52-card, 4-suit deck that is completely compatible for the playing of all traditional card games, but with special features that open the door to new types of games related to Boolean logic and binary math.
ZByte website

Computer History -- Mind Machine Web Museum... For several years I have been collecting computer artifacts and literature. A color photograph shows part of the collection of classic computers, early video games, landmark calculators, and related artifacts. A keyed description identifies items in this photograph. Also, a listing of the complete collection--most of which is elsewhere now--includes representative individual photographs, resulting in a Website museum.
Mind Machine Web Museum
Video Games List 1972--1977
Group photo of my original computer/calculator/videogame collection -- 1989

Gaming (a.k.a. Gambling)... The printing press is just one "technology" influenced by gambling. Telecommunications is another. The controversial form of risk-taking known as "gambling" dates back at least to the Iron Age, and its synergistic development and mutual influence with the evolution of electronic and computer technology is fascinating.
Bookies & Bookmaking bibliography
Bookies & Bookmaking filmography
Bookies & Bookmaking -- 19th century views
Bookies & Bookmaking handicapping
Bookies & Bookmaking telecommunications
Games: Bookies & Bookmaking games
Games: Horse Racing
Technology of gambling
TELEFLASH wired radio network

East Chicago... I also have been looking at a related subject: gambling's long and colorful history in my old neighborhood of East Chicago, Indiana, and Indiana Harbor, and I have been maintaining an alumni list for my former high school in East Chicago.
East Chicago gambling history
East Chicago and Prohibition
Roosevelt High School alumni

Stereoscopic photography and 3-D art... An updated version of a 1979 article of mine about the evolution of pictorial art since the 1400s and the purpose of stereoscopic imagemaking is hereby reprinted. Also reprinted is a bibliography that may be of interest to 3-D photographers, historians, and stereoscopic artists. I also assisted Roger Ferragallo and his Ferragallo Design Group, which is exploring new applications for the stereoscopic image including large architectural scale projects. We successfully completed a special version of Roger's classic 1972 Moon Mandala for Las Vegas's 1146-foot Stratosphere Tower--the tallest building west of the Mississippi. It is now the dominant ceiling design both above the main entrance and above the main casino of the Stratosphere Tower in Las Vegas. Other large-scale projects are being planned.
Stereoscopy, its place in fine arts
Bibliography of 3D and stereoscopy
3-D pointillism photo-sculpture, 1972
Stereoscopic drawings by Norman McLaren, 1944-1946
Ferragallo Design Group: Las Vegal Stratosphere project
Timothy Leary -- a 1990 stereoscopic 3D portrait
Keystone Telebinocular stereoscope

Vaudeville history in Ohio... Another interest is early twentieth-century show business, including vaudeville. Since my great-grandfather managed a vaudeville theatre in Willard, Ohio, I spent a summer researching all the records extant and was struck by the incredible richness of live performances and community theater activities in a typical small midwestern town of 3000. Sadly, information regarding these travelling small-town plays and artists seems to be lost, so, I thought a listing of those booked by my great-grandfather might be of value as a portrait of American vaudeville between 1903 and 1912. Any additional information about these plays or performers would be appreciated.
Vaudeville in Ohio


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Magnasync Nomad with Bolex H16: first 16mm synchronized sound

W3XK -- America's first television station

Walter Winchell photographs -- a collection of unpublished materials

TELEFLASH wired radio network

The beginning of stereo and binaural audio, 1951-1954

Stoddart Radio Company History

The Newell tape transport invention

Improved Williamson Amplifier -- hi-fi project built in 1959

The Accordion and the 1915 World's Fair in San Francisco

Madaba Mosaic Map

The Harry Pierson Library of Samuel Johnson & James Boswell

MG-PB automobile -- Last seen in Chicago; where is it?

Hal and Polly's Electric Company

Sea Ranch, California -- in 1966

An Afro-Jazz song mystery from 1955

The Stratosphere project, Las Vegas

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