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Photo of control console for Control Data CDC 6600

First in collection......the original control console
for the first supercomputer, the CDC 6600....date: 1964
manufacturer: Control Data Corporation....serial number: 0002
designer: Seymour Cray....original cost of computer: $6 million
Cray Research Supercomputing History
Bayview Club photo of CDC 6600

Calculators, computers, and video games are all high-tech tools of the mind. Teachers may find students fascinated by early examples and willing to engage in high-tech archaeological "digs" in their local community. These artifacts, combined with their disks and cartridges, may be disassembled and analyzed, restored and displayed or operated as functioning units--an archaeological, technology challenge that gives students a historical perspective about the computer revolution, both its software and hardware.

Traditional antiques are at least 100 years old, but given the rapid, unprecedented changes in microcomputers, game machines, and calculators, any such product that is 10 or more years old might be considered antique. This website is an attempt to create a web museum of many of these amazing artifacts of the twentieth century that I have owned. The following list provides links to illustrations to each model, original prices (when known), and basic specifications.

Please note that most of this collection is located elsewhere, and,
unfortunately, I no longer can answer inquiries about specific items.
I am no longer collecting and have no additional information beyond what is listed.

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1955 GENIAC logic computer kit, 1st model (Berkeley Enterprises, Inc.) ($20)

1956 Heath Electronic Analog Computer kit (front panel only), (Heath)($945)

1961 MINIVAC 601 tabletop training digital computer (no transistors,
      uses mechanical relays for switching), (Sci. Develop. Corp.)($85)

1964 EAI analog computer, Model TR-20 (EAI)($10,000)

1971 Compumedic analog computer, (Compumedic)

1972 GRI Minicomputer, Model 99/IIB (GRI)($5000)

1972 EMR Minicomputer (front panel only) (EMR)

1973 Intel Intellec-8 microcomputer, CPU: 8008, (Intel) ($2398) --- *

1974 Scelbi-8H Mini-Computer, CPU: 8008, (Scelbi)(kit: $580)

1975 HP 3000, Series II, minicomputer (front panel only), (Hewett Packard)

1975 IBM 5100 Portable Computer, CPU: IBM IC module, (IBM) ($20,000)

1975 Altair 8800 microcomputer, CPU: 8080, (MITS) (kit: $439; assembled: $621) --- *

1976 Altair 680b microcomputer, CPU: 6800, (MITS)(kit: $425; assb: $610)

1976 IMSAI 8080 microcomputer, CPU: 8080A, (IMS Assoc.)($931) --- *

1976 SC/MP Development System, singleboard, CPU: SC/MP, (National Semicond.)($499)

1976 Intel 80/10 singleboard microcomputer, CPU: 8080, (Intel)($295)

1976 Commodore KIM-1 microcomputer

1976 Intercept, Jr. singleboard microcomputer, CPU: IM6100, (Intersil)($250)

c.1976 Z-80 Starter Kit singleboard microcomputer, CPU: Z80,
      (SD Systems, Micro Design)($365)

c.1976 Informer microcomputer/terminal (Informer)

1977 Byte 8080 microcomputer, CPU: 8080A, (Byte Inc.)($539) --- *

1977 COSMAC VIP singleboard microcomputer, CPU: 1802, (RCA) ($250)

1977 E&L MMD-1 singleboard microcomputer, CPU: 8080,
      with BUG Books, (E&L)($500)

1977 Homebrew one-bit microcomputer, CPU: MC-14500B (Motorola) --- *

1977 Homebrew breadboard microcomputer, CPU: 8080 --- *

1977 "Science Fair Digital Computer Kit," Model 28-218 (Radio Shack)

c.1978 Am-2900 Microcomputer (singleboard), CPU: 2901, (AMD)($975?)

c.1978 "Microcomputer-in-a-Suitcase Trainer," CPU: NEC8255, (ICS)

c.1978 IASIS "Computer-in-a-Book," (singleboard), CPU: 8080, (IASIS) ($530)

c.1978 MST-80 microcomputer kit, (singleboard), CPU: 8080, (Lawrence Livermore Lab)

1978 SPARK-16 microcomputer w/cassette recorder, CPU: 9440, (Fairchild)

1978 SYM-1 microcomputer, (singleboard), CPU: 6502, (Synertek)($239)

1980 VIC-20 microcomputer w/C2N cassette drive, CPU: 6502, (Commodore)($300)

1981 Z8 Basic/Micro Computer (single-board), CPU: Z8, (Micro Mint)($195)

1983 Sharp PC-1500A LCD handheld computer/calculator w/3-color mini printer (Sharp)($200) --- *

1983 TRS-80, Model 100, portable microcomputer w/disk drive & printer, CPU: 80C85, (Tandy)($799)

1983 Sinclair 1500 microcomputer w/acoustic modem, CPU: Z80A, (Sinclair)($200?) --- *

1984 Apricot Portable Computer, CPU: 8086, (ACT)($?) --- *

1984 Data General One, Model 2 laptop computer, CPU: 80C88 (Data General)($2500) --- *

1984 IBM Portable Personal Computer, CPU: 8088, (IBM)($3020)

1984 HP The Portable (HP's first laptop), with 9114 disk drive &
      2225B ThinkJet printer (HP) ($4250) --- *

1984 Apple IIgs Woz Limited Ed. microcomputer, CPU: 65C816, (Apple)($999) --- *

1985 4041 System Controller Computer (Tekronix)($6540)

1985 HP-75D Handheld Computer with 82143A printer (HP)($1600)

1986 TPI 863T milspec microcomputer (Mac-Plus design)
      CPU: 68000, metal cabinet and filters for low EMI (Tempest)($6000) --- *

1986 IBM Convertible (IBM's first laptop) w/printer, (IBM)($2400)

c.1986 Hygrocomputer, Model 1500, (General Eastern)($2000+)

1989 Portfolio palmtop portable microcomputer, (Atari)($400) --- *

1989 NeXT Cube NeXTstation computers, CPU: 68030, 8MB RAM, 105MB HD (NeXT) ($6500)

c.2000 Be, Inc. Notebook/Tablet Computer (DVT engineering prototype) --- *


1890 Burroughs Adding and Listing Machine  ($300)

c.1900 Britannic calculator No. 2120 (Guy's Calc. Machine)

c.1910 Felt & Tarrant Comptometer

c.1920 "The Calc. Corp.-Michigan," (The Calculator Corporation)

c.1920 Addometer (Reliable Type Co.)

c.1930 Ve-Po-Ad pocket adding machine

c.1938 Addiator Arithma (Germany)

1950 Monroe LA-5 High-Speed Adding Calculator (Monroe)

1951 Facit NTK calculator (Facit)

1964 Friden 132 Electronic CRT Calculator (Friden)($1950)

c.1965 Micro-Tally (Technidyne)

c.1965 Speedee Add-A-Matic

c.1966 Friden 1116 Electronic Calculator, table-top, Nixie-tubes (Friden)

1968 Wang Calculator System ($3800)

c.1969 Olivetti Divisumma-18

1972 Royal Digit III LED pocket calculator (Royal) ($99)

1972 Sanyo ICC-82D LED pocket calculator (Sanyo) ($350)

1972 SR-10 "Electronic Slide Rule" LED pocket calc. (Texas Instruments)($150)

c.1972 Unknown mfg. LED pocket calculator kit, board label:"GDM CT 5005"

c.1973 Bowmar (?) LED pocket calculator

c.1973 Interton VIP-10 LED pocket calculator (Interton)

c.1973 Summit KO8 LED pocket calculator (Summit)

1974 SR-11 Electronic Slide Rule LED pocket calculator (Texas Instruments) ($66)

1974 Minuteman 6 LED pocket calculator (Commodore) ($30)

1974 Rockwell 20R LED pocket calculator (Rockwell) ($50)

1974 Texas Instruments TI 2550 LED pocket calculator (TI)($100)

1974 Sears-8 (728.58862) LED pocket calculator w/manual & case

1975 Hewlett-Packard 9815A desktop calculator (HP) ($2900)

c.1975 Casio Root-8 FLUOR pocket calculator (Casio)

c.1975 Novus 750 LED pocket calculator (Nat'l. Semiconductor Corporation)

c.1976 Unisonic 1540L LED pocket calculator

1976 TI-1270 LED pocket calculator w/manual & case (TI) ($13)

1976 TI Programmable 57 LED handheld calc. (Texas Instruments )($75)

c.1977 TI Programmer LED pocket calculator (Texas Inst.)

1983 Sharp PC-1500A LCD handheld computer/calculator w/3-color mini printer (Sharp)($200)

computer-related games

1949 Tru-Action Electric Football Game (Tudor Metal Products Corp., Brooklyn, NY)

1960 Think-A-Tron "Electronic Q&A Computer" toy
       with punched cards (Hasbro)

1969 Computer Football (Comp Games Div., Elec. Data Controls) ($30)

1972 Computer Football Scrimmage (Comp Games Div., Elec. Data Controls) ($?)

1976 DIGITEK 2001 (Digitek Electronics)

1976 Tournament-2000 TV game (Unisonic)($120)

1977 COMP IV computer numbers game (Milton Bradley)

1977 Game Brain, Model C-700 [prototype of VCS model?] (Atari)

1977 unidentified prototype [alternative VCS model?] (Atari)

1977 Studio II Home TV Programmer game/console, CPU: 1802 (RCA)($150)

1977 Telecourt TV game (Hometronics)

1978 COMPUTER RAGE board game (Creative Computing)

c.1978 Tomy Computer toy, [all mechanical "computer terminal" w/keyboard]

c.1978 RAMI, The Binary Teacher toy

1980 IN THE CHIPS -- SILICON VALLEY board game (Tega)

1980 Pacman ephemeral artifacts

c.1981 Invader from Space handheld electronic game, (EPOCH) ($40)

1982 Intel 400-piece jigsaw puzzle of 80286 CPU

1988 Video Technology "SOCRATES Ed. Video System,
     includes IR remote keyboard and Muse System

miscellaneous computer-related artifacts

1935-1980 Vacuum tube, Transistor & IC Parts

1939 Burroughs Typewriters: mechanical & electric

c.1941 Stabilogue EC-2 mechanical analog computer/calculator
      (Am. Hydromath Corp., New York, NY)

c.1964 "ITC Televiephone" desktop videoconference system
with/telephone handset (Ikegama)

1966 Lockheed Sequence Timer [Babbage Difference Engine look-alike] --- *

c.1970 Dektak Inspection/Scriber tester [with microscope for IC Wafers]

1971 Pulsar LED digital watch (Hamilton)($900) and 10 others.

1972 "The Muse" computer random melody music maker/player (Triadex) ($249) --- *

c.1974 early homebrew computer keyboard

c.1975 Intel System Interface & Control Module MCB 8-10

c.1977 PT-210 (TRS-80 series) portable data terminal
        w/built-in printer & acoustic modem (Radio Shack)

Forty-five of these items in 1989 group photo

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