Lockheed Sequence Timer

Manufacturer: Lockheed for U.S. Air Force
Size: overall length: 11 inches; overall diameter: 6.5 inches
Original Price: $? - Date: 1966

This beautifully designed and built timer is suggestive--visually--of a subassembly
of the 19th-century Babbage Difference Engine. However, its purpose is quite different.
It provided event programming capabilities in the guidance and control systems of
aerospace vehicles. It contains a 115Vac 400Hz motor for sequencing the switches
through the program, preset mechanically by the positions of the digital rotors.

photo of unit photo of unit
photo of unit
photo of unit photo of unit

Sorry, but I do not have further information and would like to learn
what vehicles employed this timer in the US space program during the 1960s.

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