Holmes C. Miller Radio
Manufactured in Palo Alto, California
Another example of Silicon Valley's technical heritage

Circuit type: regenerative detector with RF stage
Number of tubes: 2, types 24A and 27 [possibly!]
Size: 20"w x 8"h x 10"d -- Weight: 40 lbs.
Frequency Range: 2 - 30 MHz -- Number of plug-in coils: 8
Manufacturer: Holmes C. Miller, Engineer -- Location: Palo Alto, California
Original Price: $??? -- Original Date: c.1930

Photo of Holmes Miller Radio
CONTROLS LEFT TO RIGHT: input tuning -- band tuning -- beat note -- band selector -- regeneration potentiometer -- on/off

Photo of Holmes Miller Radio
top view -- hinged metal shield open

Photo of Holmes Miller Radio
top view -- close up of shielded compartment

CU of name tag
receiver name tag

Photo of plug-in coils

one of eight coils
wound on a
coil form

shown seated
in a spare
REL #183

Circuit of Holmes Miller Radio

This remarkable regenerative detector radio may be one of the earliest commercial shortwave-only receivers made.
All RF components are the finest available in the late 1920s and are shielded in a thick steel compartment.
It has a rather elaborate two-tube circuit for which I have not found an equivalency in textbooks of that era.
It may be an unpublished, proprietary circuit design of Mr. Miller.

I am looking for any information regarding Mr. Holmes C. Miller, his company, and his products.
To date, his only advertisement I have found is in QST, December 1930, as reproduced below.

Photo of Holmes C. Miller, Engineer ad

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