Six Calculators

Row 1:
The Calc. Corp.-Michigan - Manufacturer: The Calculator Corporation - Original Price: $?? - Date: c.1920
Row 2:
?? - Manufacturer: ?? - Original Price: $?? - Date: ??
Row 3:
Royal Digit III calculator
Manufacturer: Royal
Original Price: $?? - Date: 1973
Summit KO8 LED pocket calculator
Manufacturer: NCE Nuclear (USA)
Original Price: $?? - Date: c.1973
SR-11 Electronic Slide Rule LED pocket calculator
Manufacturer: Texas Instruments
Original Price: $66 - Date: 1974
Pocketsize microchip calculator kit,
CPU: [board marked: "GDM CT 5005"]
Manufacturer: unknown
Original Price: $?? - Date: c.1972

Photo of six calculators

Sorry, but I no longer collect these items
and do not have further information.

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