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Richard LeGates & Frederic Stout, The City Reader (Routledge, 1996)


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Part I: Evolution of Cities

Part II: Perspectives on Urban Form and Space

Part III: Urban Society and Culture

Part IV: Urban Politics, Governance, and Economics

Part V: Urban Planning: Visions, Theory, & Practice

Part VI: The Future of The City

LeGates and Stout Course Homepages

Richard LeGates "Dynamics of the American City" Homepage
Frederic Stout's "Utopia & Reality in Modern Urban Planning" Homepage


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  1. Campus Links to university homepages SFSU , School of BSS, and Departments of History, Poli Sci, Economics, Geography, Anthropology, and Sociology
  2. San Francisco Links to San Francisco information sources San Francisco Chronicle (The Gate)
    Coro Foundation Profiles of San Francisco Neighborhoods
  3. Bay Area Links to Bay Area information sources ABAG
  4. URBS Image Library A library of downloadable Urban Studies photographs and other images
  5. Other Other resources U.C. Berkeley Planning Resources on the Internet State University of New York at Buffalo Planning and Architecture Internet Resource Center

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