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Please note that two (2) professional references are required. These references should be written from persons who have supervised you in a relevant counseling or professional experience. 

Find 2 recommenders and once you select 2 recommenders, follow the instruction below.  Only two letters of reference will be accepted. Please note: more or less than 2 letters may disqualify you from the Admission.

A reference form is available below (optional). If you give the form to the recommenders, be sure to fill in your name, degree objective/specialization and emphasis (if any) on each letter of reference before emailing the form to your recommender, so that the person writing the reference can tailor his or her comments to reflect your particular strengths.  Sometimes people who provide references do not use our form. If they do not, ask them to address in their letter each item we ask about on the form, which otherwise must be submitted on their professional affiliation letterhead.

These letters of reference MUST come from professional affiliations; e.g., a professor, college counselor, agency professional, etc. Do not ask friends, family, clergy, therapists or SFSU Department of Counseling professors. These are considered to be personal references and are not acceptable for purposes of admission.

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