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Graduation Preparation

To help students understand the University regulations for graduation, so that they can graduate in a timely manner. We assist students to review graduation checklists.


Probation Advising

To help students develop strategies for getting off probation and having a successful educational experience. When useful, we refer students to appropriate campus support services. We review probation contracts with students after the major advisor and department chair have signed their contracts.



To assist students understand University regulations and policies, and to guide them in the submission of petitions and paperwork. If appropriate, we provide advice on study skills improvement and suggest potentially helpful University resources such as counseling, financial aid, tutoring, etc.


Pre-major Support

To advise students interested in careers in engineering, mathematics, or science, but who have not determined the best area for themselves. For these students we help clarify academic and career goals and help them select a major compatible with those goals. We refer students to major field advisors in the departments for more detailed information about specific degree programs and career opportunities.


Change-of-major Support

To support students considering changing their major with information on College programs and referrals to program advisors.





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