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Probation students should avoid the rush! Start your petitions LONG before the end of the semester. If you received an "S" reinstatement on your last petition, you WILL need to complete another one before you can register for subsequent terms!


As you know, you must maintain a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 in your SFSU course work. When your GPA falls below 2.0, the University will automatically place you on probation. This also means an administrative hold will be levied, and you will not be able to enroll in courses! If you remain on probation for several semesters, you will be subject to disqualification. The Student Resource Center is here to help you avoid being placed on academic probation, or to develop a strategy to get off probation.


Are you getting low grades?

If you are getting D's, F’s, or U’s, you are at risk of falling below a 2.0 GPA and being placed on academic probation! COME SEE US NOW to discuss your situation, and we will be happy to provide some suggestions to help keep your academic career afloat. AVOID PROBATION. GET HELP.

Are you on probation this semester?

If you are on probation, your enrollment in the next semester will be blocked. To lift the hold, you must submit an Academic Standing Petition by the 11th week of the semester. You will need to arrange to meet with your advisor, the chair of your department, AND with the Student Resource Center, all of whom will provide helpful advising and suggestions for improvement in the coming term.


Things to do BEFORE you obtain probation advising:
  • Obtain an Academic Standing Petition. These are available at the Student Resource Center (SCI 247), at the OneStop Student Services Building. Complete parts A and B PRIOR to obtaining probation advising.
  • Obtain a copy of your CURRENT unofficial SFSU transcript, either by visiting the One Stop Student Services Center (near the Humanities Building and Burk Hall), or through your online Student Page.
  • Obtain a Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) printout from the One Stop Student Center. Note: a small fee will be imposed for this service.
  • Include a listing of courses in which you are enrolled during this semester. You can do this through the One Stop Student Services Center, or through your online Student Page. In fact, you should print out a Progress Report for each class you are taking and let each instructor fill it out.

After your advisor AND department chair have signed your petition, bring it to the Student Resource Center (SCI 247) along with all the information listed above, and make an appointment to see the Director of the Center.

It is important to understand that to prevent disqualification you need to continually show progress. We can help you with strategies for progress.


How difficult is it to get off probation?

Your GPA does not tell you how quickly you can get off probation.

You have to look at your Grade Point (GP) deficiency, that is, the number of GPs you are below that required for a 2.0 GPA. Your Units Attempted (UA) times 2.0 is the minimum value of GPs you need in order to have a 2.0 GPA.

For example, assuming that this semester you have no grades lower than a C, here is the number of 3-unit courses and grades you would need to eliminate a given GP deficiency:

GP Deficiency No. of courses to eliminate deficiency
3 1 A, or 1 B, or 4 C+
6 1 A, or 2 B, or 7 C+
9 2 A, or 3 B, or 10 C+

Clearly a few A's and B's can eliminate a deficiency within a few semesters, if the deficiency is small (as above) and if you do not get any more F's and D's.


Are you in the "right" major?

Sometimes students underperform because the major itself is not well suited to the students' skills, aptitudes and REAL interests.

Obtain career advising!

Take an inventory of your skills and aptitudes so that you can discover the best major for you. One place to go is the Career Center. Contact Janelle Metz for advice and help in this inventory. See our career webpage, or visit the official Career Center webpage.

Another place to go is a self-directed inventory as part of an online course in the College of Health and Human Services.


How Are Your Academic Skills?

Do you manage time well? Do you have trouble focusing when studying by yourself? Do you get really nervous when taking tests?

The Testing Center webpage at SFSU has many online workshops that can help with your concerns and would be a good place to start.

Also check out tutoring at:

See Student Resource Center, SCI 247, for more help.





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