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Volume 3 | Spring 2005


Flying Through Spaces:
Robert Sabatier's Les Feuilles Volantes

Chantal Carleton

This poem, Robert Sabatier's Les feuilles volantes, is a good example of that 'endless play of language' because it is so rich with allusive echoes and reverberations of alternate meanings... Full Article>


Mind's Eye Narrative in Nabokov's The Eye and Robbe-Grillet's Jealousy

Maksim Hanukai

The two short novels that will be discussed in this essay are excellent examples of an author's experimentation with the first-person narrative form. Told through the eyes of jealous, psychologically obsessive narrators, both novels abandon traditional representations of the "I" in favor of a distanced point of view... Full Article>


Hybridity, Dialogism and Identity in Jean Rhys' Wide Sargasso Sea and Tsitsi Dangarembga's Nervous Condition

Nidesh Lawtoo

The goal of this paper is to investigate a theory of hybridity that I find implicit in these two novels. I will argue that what is at stake is a critique of epistemologies of identity that are grounded upon dichotomic ways of thinking... Full Article>


Folly or Fantasy?
A Look at Polyphony in Francophone Literature

Elisabeth Lore

This essay focuses on the second law of exclusion, that of reason versus folly, in which Foucault explains that if a person's speech is incomprehensible by the dominant discourse, the person's words are considered null and void. In short, the person carries the image of a madman... Full Article>


A New Translation of Qiu Jin's Crimson Flooding into the River

Michael A. Mikita III

The following is a translation from Chinese of the feminist poem Man jiang hong by Qiu Jin with an explication of the poem and a comparison of the new translation with an earlier one... Full Article>


Flâneurs and Flâneuses:
Walking through Christa Wolf's 'Unter den Linden' and Paul Auster's Oracle Night

Giovanna Montenegro

The two narrators of the works that I will discuss in this paper both continue the tradition of Baudelaire's flâneur and yet, while their stories are told using Romantic motifs, at the same time these flâneur function as narrative devices that mirror the social contexts in which they do their flaning... Full Article>


'Unspoken Ghosts':
Selected Translations from Two Italian Poets

Benjamin Morris and Ari Messer

Italo Testa's poems sampled here are brief, lyric, and devastating, rarely making use of more than one image per line, but wringing as much emotional and heuristic effect from each moment as possible... Full Article>


Selling Nana and Lily:
The Basic Economics of Beauty

Wendy Salters

In Nana by Emile Zola and The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton, each of the two female protagonists is enmeshed in an economic system which renders her the object of commerce; a system in which her beauty establishes her value. Just as the workers hands are inseparable from the machine, Nana and Lily become "just a screw or a cog in the great machine[...]called life"... Full Article>


Translation of Two Poems by Bosnian Poet Amir Brka:
'What Do I Write?' and 'Antichrist in Language'

Laurel Seely

Amir Brka is a respected young Bosnian writer who has not yet been translated for American readers. These poems are excerpted from Brka's Antichrist in Language, a collection published in 1999... Full Article>

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The Memory of Colombine:
Akhmatova's Poem Without a Hero
and Chaplin's Limelight

Olga Zilberbourg

In the last scene of Chaplin's Limelight we see his character, a tramp comedian Calvero, dying back-stage, and then the camera pans to show us Calvero's protégée, a young ballerina dancing on the stage. Most critics agree that this scene unequivocally mirrors that first subtitle, but in reaching such conclusion they disregard the significance of the themes introduced into the picture through the ballet "Death of Colombine," performed on stage within the movie... Full Article>




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