Upcoming Events

Hi everyone! Below is a list of some of our events which are open to all students:

Thesis Writing Workshop, Mon. September 15th 4:30-5:50pm Hum. 374

Pub Night at Zeitgeist (199 Valencia @ Duboce in the Mission District) Fri. September 19th 4pm - midnight?

Is Doctoral Study Right For You? Workshop Mon. September 22th 4:30-5:50 Hum. 587

Poetry Reading Night In November (time and location shortly)

Additionally, the CLSA is excited to announce that this year we will be collaborating with other organizations on campus. The following are events that the Graduate (English) Literature Association (the GLA) has proposed and that we are extending to all Comp. Lit. students:

Thurs 10/2 9pm Pub Night in the Mission at Liberty's
Wed 10/15 6pm Presidential Debate at Jones' Bar in the Marina (Divisidero & Lombard)
Sun 11/2 2pm Study Day at People's Cafe in the Haight
Tues 11/25 Museum Day during Thanksgiving Week. We will set a time and pick a location closer in.
Tues 12/2 9pm Pub Night at Fly Bar in Western Addition (Divisidero & Fulton)

We also hope to co-sponser the following event with The Michelangelo Club (from the Italian Department):

Foreign Film Night In early October (time and location to follow shortly)