Welcome Back!

Now that Spring has started, we've gotten to know each other better, and we've gotten a little more acclimatized, it's time to kick the CLSA into high gear. Upcoming events include:

Welcome Back Pub night!

Feb 5th (Vote Early and Often!!!)

7:30pm (or so.)

Philosopher's Club

824 Ulloa St. (West Portal MUNI Station)

Portals submission deadline!!!

I know some folks might be nervous or intimidated about sending their papers. We are always our own harshest critic and editor. Perhaps we're just fixing one or two more things before submitting... Just bite the bullet and send it in!!!

It's a blind selection which means the people evaluating your paper won't know it's yours. If you're selected, you have a publication for your CV and future employment, and if you're not selected, no harm, no foul. This is the BEST introduction to CFPs you can find, and it really does build confidence for future efforts.

Once we have our submissions we will need an editorial staff to help with the selection process and later editing for publication. This is a course-credit position, good for a CV, you learn valuable technical and editing skills, and not as time consuming as you might think. I highly encourage all CLSA grad students to participate.

Coming Soon...

Portals Editors request



Industry Related Panels


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