The semester is rushing to a close and before we celebrate at our End of the Year Party on Saturday May 14th starting at 7pm at the Make-Out Room in the Mission District, I'd like to announce our new officer team for the 2005-2006 academic year.

Our new President will be Elisabeth Lore. Elisabeth has been an active volunteer with Portals and she will be bringing her leadership experience as the French Club President to the position. Congratulations Elisabeth!

Our new Vice Presidents of Publications will be: Paula Akers, Wendy Salters, and Olga Zilberbourg. All three of them have been working with our current VPs of Publications and certainly have the vision and experience with our journal to make next year's Portals even better. They have lots of fresh ideas and we're lucky that we have a team of three dedicated to Portals!

Our new Vice Presidents of University Relations will be Giovanna Montenegro and Sarah Seward. Giovanna has been a great VP of University relations this year. She will share her skills and expertise with Sarah next year and the two of them should be unstoppable!

If you see Elisabeth, Paula, Wendy, Olga, Giovanna, or Sarah please congratulate them!