Comparative Literature Student Association Officer Update

This past year we enjoyed the excellent leadership of Don Backman, our President, who will be leaving us to persue his PhD at Berkeley next fall. Our former VP, Aimee Reed will be studying art history in Paris next year. Our other VP, Karina Marie Ash will serve as the CLSA President for the 2004-2005 term.

We have three new VPs for next year. Our new VP for University Relations will be Giovanna Montenegro. She has been a dedicated volunteer this past year and is excited to expand our role on campus. We actually have two new VPs for Publications. Amber Hatfeld and Morgan Lynn will be co-editors for next year's edition of Portals. Given the extensive background both of these women have in editing and their dedication as volunteers for Portals this past year, we can all look forward to a great issue of the journal next spring.

Although our officer search has ended, there will still be plenty of opportunities for everyone to volunteer next fall. We will be drawing up our calendar for the upcoming year during the next few weeks so if you have have any ideas for our upcoming team please do send them to Karina at karinamarie123@msn.com.