Just a reminder that as a student, faculty, staff member of SFSU you can obtain Library privileges at UC Berkeley. The UC Berkeley library is a relatively near supplement to our own holdings in the JPLL.
You need not be a student to enter the main library at Berkeley, but if you would like access to the stacks you need to present a library card, which can be purchased at the privileges desk. SFSU students need only provide proof of present enrollment at SFSU. I have twice obtained a library card by showing them a printout of my current class schedule, which can be obtained on the MySFSU page (accessible through the SFSU home page).
With that information and a $25 fee, you are allowed access to the stacks as well as a 20 book check out limit (quite generous if you ask me.)
Further, should you be cross-registered at Berkeley you will be issued a special library card with unlimited privileges.

If you have any questions please e-mail the CLSA.


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