Topic: (Dis)Integration

Portals: A Journal in Comparative Literature is a graduate student run journal coordinated by the Comparative Literature Student Association at San Francisco State University.

We invite original, critical essay submissions that take a comparative approach to the topic: (Dis)Integration
This topic could include (but is not limited to) the following approaches:
- Deconstructionist readings
- Literature dealing with the Disintegration of:
o Nation-States
o The Family
o The Individual
o The Community
o Revolution
o The tearing or falling apart of most any entity
- Literature and Interpretations dealing with Integration:
o Bildungs (Developmental) Novels
o Nation Formation
o Character Formation
o The formation of most any entity
We encourage submissions to interpret our topic in the broadest sense.

All drafts should be in English and all citations in foreign languages must be clearly translated and cited. Papers should be no longer than 20 pages in 12 point font, and should include a works cited page and parenthetical references according to current MLA style.

Papers must be submitted via e-mail as an MSWord attachment. Your paper should include a cover sheet with paper title, name and e-mail address. Along with the paper please include a 250-word abstract, and a short bio including name, address, telephone and e-mail address and school affiliation.

We are also accepting submissions short poetry translations. Translations of poetry should be no longer than 2 MLA pages and should include a brief (2-5 page) explication of the poem, including its relation to the theme. Poetry will be published in tandem with the original. Please submit the original with complete citation. Creative/artistic visual interpretations of our theme are also being accepted for consideration as cover art/supplementation to the papers.

Contributions accepted for this project will be reviewed by at least two reviewers with the understanding that the materials have not been submitted to another journal.

Due Date: December 31. 2003

Please direct all submissions and inquiries to: clsasfsu@yahoo.com


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