(Con)textual Identities: Formation and Reformation
April 2-4, 2004
Tenth Annual Southwest Graduate Scholars Symposium
Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona

The conference welcomes one-page abstracts, session and roundtable proposals from graduate scholars in any area of discursive constructions of identity/ies. Twenty minute presentations might focus on a specific work regarding the representation of identity/ies in the fields of literature, art, history, popular culture, composition and rhetoric, gender studies, philosophy, science and technology, music and theology. Because the theme of the conference is inclusive and interdisciplinary, it provides focus for a dialogue while encouraging creative connections across several areas of graduate scholarship. Submissions are invited on the following topics that are meant to motivate, but not limit, your thinking:
Selfhood and Agency * Rhetorical Constructions of Selfhood * (En)gendering Identities * Virtual Identities * Contextualized Pedagogies: Identity in the Classroom * Selfhood and/in/through Composition * Identities in and through Popular Culture * Subversions or (Re)formations of Racial/Historical/Religious Identities * Intertextual Constructions of Identity/ies * Comparative Literatures * Constructivist vs. Essentialist * Authorial Intention vs. Social Context * Voice * Authority * Persona * Authenticity * Politics/Activism * Cultural Myths/Ideals * Social Roles * Othering

Along with your abstract attachment, please include home and office phone numbers, complete mailing address, e-mail address, AV requirements, and professional affiliation. Email submissions are encouraged.
Email: swgls@asu.edu
Maximum length of abstract: 500 words
Deadline for abstracts: December 1

Please direct questions, abstracts, and proposals to:
Nowell Marshall
Southwest Graduate Symposium
Arizona State University
Tempe, Arizona


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