Acacia Group’s 2004 Conference

Theme: Culture, Context and Connections

The Acacia group seeks for papers for a Multiculturalism panel.
Papers for this panel may analyze multicultural texts/authors. Topics may
include: how is multiculturalism expressed in a work(s), how do
borders/countries effect perceptions/presentations of multiculturalism, do
multicultural texts promote cultural diversity, does an authors
identity/ethnicity make a work multicultural? Other topics that apply to
multiculturalism and our conference theme of “Culture, Context and
Connections” will be considered.

Conference date: Saturday March 13 2004
Submission Deadline: December 22nd 2003
Acacia Group of California State University Fullerton is seeking papers for
our 2004 conference. Please note submissions are open to Current California
State University Students and California State University Alumni.
The conference is open to Graduate and Undergraduate students. Graduate
Students maybe submit papers of 15-20 pages (20 minute presentation length).
Undergraduates may submit papers of 5-8 pages (10 minute presentation

Papers maybe submitted electronically to: susanmariejohnson@hotmail.com
(word format please). Or mailed to: Acacia Group PO Box 5853, Fullerton CA
The deadline is December 22, 2003


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