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Volume 1, Issue 3      March 1994


Technical Concepts Division: The Solar Battery Charger Group is engaged in testing its Phase One battery charger for durability and utility. If is found, using presently-known materials, that there is a clear cost-durability trade-off, which will need to be addressed in Phase II's focus on reliability factors. An initial literature search continues to undertaken to determine the state of the technology of photovoltaic cell technology (David Lewak). A preliminary directory of solar energy-related resources available on the Internet has been compiled and will be made available next month (Peter Spangler).

Educational Programs Division: Initial drafts of physical science term translation sheets are being reviewed by student users (Jean Wu - Chinese/English; staff - Spanish/English). The University Programs Group continues to study possible liaison activities.

Policy Division: An initial study of domestic energy policy decision-making concerning both terrestrial and space-based solar power is continuing. (M. Ciotola). Initial information-gathering has been completed for a qualitative survey of the domestic solar energy industry and retail system and a draft report is being developed (A. To).

World Studies Division: Initial literature studies are presently being undertaken for the following areas of the world: Africa (Abdoulaye Yansane); North America (staff); and Belize (Karla Gottlieb). Other areas will be studied later.

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