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Academy Street Network 

Volume 1, Issue 1     January 1994


Welcome to the first issue of Academy Street Network and Review. With oil becoming increasingly political, world deforestation causing increasing environmental devastation, and coal combustion contributing to the greenhouse effect, it appears as if solar energy warrants renewed interest. The solar energy pioneers remain and are as active as ever and it seems as if they should be given more of an opportunity to share their lessons with us. Yet, despite a steady stream of advances in solar energy technology, human society is far from being solar powered. In 1990, photovoltaic energy production constituted considerably less than even 0.2% of total U.S. energy production (according to a U.S. Dept. of Energy report).

As its name implies, the National Solar Power Research Institute, Inc. (NSPRI) is concerned not merely with the state of solar energy technology, but the ability of our society to deliver specific quantities of power within the definite future. This is your future as well as ours, and the availability of plentiful, environmentally-safe energy is essential to maintaining our standard of living and our increasingly information driven-democracy. Consequently, we hope that this newsletter will help empower you to be able to create the kind of future you and your descendents can look forward to.

While Academy Street Network discusses the state of solar power, it is meant to be an analytical, even occasionally critical review. If there are issues adverse to the growth of solar power, this newsletter wants you to know about them, so you can make an informed decision or help resolve them better. -- Mark Ciotola and Dalia Liang.

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