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Volume 1, Issue 1      January 1994


Article review: Ugar Ortabasi, "A Hardened Solar Concentrator System for Space Power Generation: Photovoltaic Cavity Converter (PVCC)" Space Technology, 1993, pp. 513-523 (Pergamon Press). This article proposes a space-based solar collection device that may be a possible step from traditional arrays to anticipated giant reflector/concentrator dishes. The Photovoltaic Cavity Converter (PVCC) is used in conjuction with a Cassegrainian mirror system so that all of the light collected falls upon the optical window of the PVCC. The PVCC is a sphere similar to the human eyeball that acts as a perfect blackbody absorber while protecting the photovoltaic cells lining its interior from the space environment. -- Mark Ciotola.

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