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About NSPRI 

The National Solar Power Research Institute, Inc. (NSPRI) endeavors to help the public answer some of the most pressing questions for the future. With the endurance of an increasingly global society produced by the great advances made in both transportation and communications, social policies have a dramatic impact upon the environment. Social policies which do not fully account for their environmental impacts may prove to be fatal for humanity. 

The Earth itself can be considered to be a living organism. Just as the human body can withstand many small injuries and mush sickness, it can be hurt to the point where there is not recovery. Such may be the case with the Earth. There is almost certainly a point to which it can be pushed and still recover, but strain to the ecosystem beyond that point will send the ecosystem into a permanently destructive spiral. Life itself will probably survive in some form and may one day flourish again. However, humanity will be destroyed. 

Sooner or later, human society will probably destroy the capabilities of the Earth to sustain human life. However, the National Solar Power Research Institute is attempting to bring information to the public that will help to shape policies to (1) slow the destruction of the Earth's ecosystem and (2) increase the progress in establishing cost,effective, self-sustaining communities in space and on other planets. 

NSPRI is a California nonprofit corporation primarily staffed by volunteers is a variety of fields. All officers and directors are volunteers. NSPRI has no formal affiliation with any university or government. Our total budget has been under $5,000 per year and there are no plans to increase it beyond that amount. This allows us to focus on purposes of the organization rather than administrative and funding issues. It also reduces pressures to engage in activities and fact-finding which support the political agendas of large donors or sponsors.


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