Past Conferences

14th Annual SFSU Film Conference
Cinema in Crisis
San Francisco State University October 17-19, 2012

We have continually reached this critical turning point, politically, economically and culturally in both public and private spheres. The aim of this conference is to explore the ways that Film acts as a guide and a mirror, leading us through these impasses and turning points of a world in crisis all while providing insightful reflections of these historical chronotopic landmark shifts. Moreover, we want to question as to what extent Cinema itself is in crisis with the progressive digitization of the medium and the consolidation of Internet as a distribution platform of the future. We are therefore looking for papers that address the multiple relationships between Cinema and Crisis, welcoming creative approaches across a wide range of academic fields of study.

Visit the 2012 conference website here.

13th Annual SFSU Film Conference
Mind, Body, Cinema
San Francisco State University October 19-21, 2011

When it comes to cinema, the words “mind” and “body” evoke concepts that surpass definition. The physical representation of characters is central to cinematic pleasure; however, the relationship of the mind to the bodies of celluloid, narrative, landscape, and theatre must also be taken into consideration. The goal of this conference is to dissect minds and bodies, to take this dualism and produce something akin to a Cartesian nightmare: in what ways can cinematic renderings of minds and bodies transcend convention?

Visit the 2011 conference website here.

12th Annual SFSU Film Conference
Histories Created Through Film
San Francisco State University October 20-22, 2010

This conference seeks to explore the role of cinema in reflecting and contributing to concepts of historical event, identity politics, cultures, cults, and celebrity. Histories, as narratives of both personal and public events, identities and societies, are created, recreated, and deconstructed in film. This conference will explore how cinematic depictions of histories differ from that of other media and how cinema’s depiction influences both society and other media.

Visit the 2010 conference website here.

11th Annual SFSU Film Conference
Breaking Barriers: Borders and Beyond
San Francisco State University October 14-17, 2009

Boundaries, borders, and limits signify separation between spaces—physical, conceptual, and otherwise. Cinema as a medium exemplifies and embodies resistance to boundaries. Since its advent film form has incessantly flirted with what lies beyond its porous borders traversing boundaries between narrative and non-narrative, documentary and fiction, art and science, humanism and exploitation.

As liminality connotes limits, how are these limits crossed and what are the results? In what ways might the category of liminality be productive to critical discourse and the creative enterprise? How are traditional cinema forms being challenged by blurred and traversed boundaries? What are discursive, spatial, temporal, sexual, cultural, political, aesthetic, metaphysical, ethical, and epistemological expressions of liminality within and related to cinema? How can curation and archival work cultivate and historicize liminality? How is film scholarship done from liminality?