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Dear Colleagues,

Welcome to the Chinese American Faculty and Staff Association at SFSU!

Special Announcement: Please donate to assist China earthquake survivors

There was little we could do while disaster was happening, but plenty we can do for the survivors. The CAFASA (Chinese American Faculty and Staff Association at SF State) would like to encourage everyone on campus to donate money or provide help through the following organizations.

  • 1. American Red Cross Response to China Earth Quake.
  • 2. Mercy Corps:
  • 3. Tzu Chi Foundation:

    For additional information, contact CAFASA via Dr. Yikuan Lee at and Dr. Bo Hu at

    News archive:

    Since the organization's name ( from CAFA to CAFSA [CAFSA Newsletter] ) and structure changed in November 2004, we are thrilled to see increasing participation of new staff and faculty members. This year, we are also delighted to welcome Chinese student associations reconnecting with the CAFSA in several important events on this campus.

    Yikuan Lee (Assistant Professor, College of Business)
    Tel: (415) 405-0372

  • CAFSA Activities

    Fall Welcome Luncheon: Oct. 6, 2006

    Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner: Feb. 16, 2007 (Taiwanese and Formosa Student Association)
    Chinese New Year Round Dumpling Festival: Mar. 2, 2007

    Others (participated by CAFSA members):

    • Farewell Party for Dr. Wan-Lee Cheng: Dec. 7, 2006 (College of Creative Arts)
    • The First International Conference on Teaching Chinese as a Second Language: Mar. 4, 2007 (SFSU Confucius Institute)
    • Luncheon with CSU Trustee Dr. Ken Fong: Apr. 22, 2007 (SJSU, CSU-EB CAFSA)
    Immigration Consultation (kindly provided by CAFSA members)

    Law Office of Diana R. Salazar:
    55 New Montgomery St. Suite 308
    San Francisco CA 94105
    Tel: 415-513-5353

    Law Office of Helga M. Carson:
    399 Sherman Ave. Suite 8
    Pala Alto CA 94306
    Tel: 650-326-9880

    Law Office of Philip M Levin:
    1050 Bettery St.
    San Francisco CA 94111
    Tel: 415-392-4660