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International Students at SFSU


International students are citizens of another country; they do not hold a "green card" conferring the status of permanent resident. Their stay in the US is regulated by a visa issued by the US Department of Homeland Security. For international students to be granted a student visa, they must be full-time participants in a Homeland Security-approved academic program. Furthermore, such a program must begin in the fall or spring semester, not the summer and it must grant a degree or certiftcate. Nearly all the international students presently at SFSU are enrolled as either undergraduates or masters degree students. Because the Formal Post-Bac Program at SFSU has not applied for Homeland Security approval, it cannot enroll international students. When the 2nd-Bac Program was in operation, it could enroll international students. The Open U Program most likely does not qualify for international student visas because it is not a degree- or certificate-granting program and cannot ensure full-time enrollment. Conceivably, a citizen of another country with a US work visa might be able to take a few classes through Open U.


International students at SFSU should carefully read the International Student Admission Requirements section of the current SFSU Bulletin and be in contact SFSU's Office of International Programs. Note that international students must have an F1 or I-20 visa, pay substantially higher fees and may have a different set of application deadlines. International students should also be aware that their immigration status has a strong bearing on their health profession school prospects. For example, only about 1% of all allopathic medical school seats are available to international students.




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