Professional Portfolio of Brian J. Beatty
Curriculum Vitae

Master of Arts
School of Education
San Francisco State University
June 1998

Doctor of Philosophy
Instructional Systems Technology
School of Education
Indiana University
June 2002

Each of the projects listed below is linked to a PDF file which describes the project,
my specific role in it, and provides a sample of the project - screenshots, notes, extracts
from papers, etc. Please send comments or questions to:

All works copyright Brian J. Beatty 2002, unless otherwise marked.

Table of Contents

Section I. Original Research and Writing

Project 1. Doctoral Dissertation – Social Interaction in Online Learning
Full dissertation is available online here.

Project 2. Book Chapter – Instructional Systems Design

Project 3. Online Research – Self-regulation in Online Learning

Project 4. Online Research – Content Analysis of CMC Discussions

Section II. Instructional Web Development

Project 5. Academic Course Website – Y603 Site Development and Evaluation

Project 6. E-Learning Pedagogy – Building Effective Executive Education Courses

Project 7. Online Course Design – Change Without Pain

Section III. Faculty Training Workshops (print versions available - please request via email)

Project 8. Faculty Training Workshop – Microcomputer-Based Laboratory Techniques

Project 9. Faculty Training Workshop – MCHS Network Services

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