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Resources in Support of Online Teaching and Learning:

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Distance Education and
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Current Courses Taught:

Instructional Technologies @ San Francisco State University

  1. ITEC 801: Instructional Systems Design ... Sample Syllabus
  2. ITEC 860: Distance Education ... Sample Syllabus
  3. ITEC 865: Emerging Technologies in Education (E-learning)
    ... Sample Syllabus
  4. ITEC 850: Design and Management of Training Projects
    ... Sample Syllabus
  5. ITEC 712: Integrating Teachnology into Curriculum - Secondary
    Student Work ... Sample Syllabus
  6. ITEC 894: Creative Work (MA Culminating Experience)
    ... Sample Syllabus

All courses use the University's site for online learning as a support for in-class work. (



Assorted Web Development:

  1. Intelligence Website - Mapping the development of thinking about intelligence through the years. What do you want to know about Human Intelligence? Dr. Jonathan Plucker has created this website to provide answers to your questions. I participated in creating content for this site as agraduate student at Indiana University in 1999.
  2. Y603 Website - A Statistics Course-support website designed for Dr. Joanne Peng of Indiana University.
  3. Internet Learning Forum: Professional Development for Teachers ( - I was part of the original design team for this site in 1999 and 2000. Site provides a professional development community space for K-12 educators.
  4. Learning to Teach with Technology Studio (LTTS). As project manager in 2002-2003, I helped move this project from grant-funded to self-sustaining ... at least that was our intention :). Still going strong, LTTS offers online professional development courses for K-12 teachers that help teachers learn HOW to teach with technology using inquiry learning approaches.
  5. Instructional Technologies @ San Francisco State University. Dr. Beatty maintains this website as a service to the students and faculty of the Instructional Technologies department and graduate degree program at SFSU. Website was designed and developed by ITEC students, with extensive effort and expertise led by John Williams and Bonnie Hale.
  6. HOSEI University e-lectures. Developed with a team of ITEC students (Clare Ramsaran, Tina Silverstein, Sophira Zu, and Ray Cole), this site was produced for HOSEI University (Tokyo) as part of their program to develop and study distance education technology and collaborations. We shot video in studio, designed the web interface, and developed the media needed. All wrapped up nicely with a SCORM manifest file for a chaser!

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