Visual Anthropology Review

Style Sheet and Submissions Check List

Before submitting work to Visual Anthropology Review, please conform your submission to the following requirements.

What materials should be submitted:

Articles should not be longer than 15,000 words.

Every submission to Visual Anthropology Review must include images, whether photographs, drawings, film stills, or screen grabs. Please submit three hard-copies of all essays' text and images.  Once an essay has formally been accepted, please send digital copies of text and images on a CD-ROM (address below).  Until the submission is accepted, the CD is not needed.

Photographs that are copyrighted must include written permission to use, granted by the copyright holder.

Where to send material:

Unless you are working with a guest editor, mail the hard-copy text and pictures (and, at the appropriate time, a CD that contains text and digital images) to:

    Peter Biella, Editor
    Visual Anthropology Review
    Department of Anthropology, SCI 377
    San Francisco State University
    1600 Holloway Ave.
    San Francisco, CA  94132-1722

Bibliographic and footnote style:

VAR follows the bibliographic style of American Anthropologist, i.e. The Chicago Manual of Style (14thedition, 1993) and Merriam-Websterís Collegiate Dictionary (10th edition, 2000). In Websterís, use the first spelling if here is a choice and use American spellings, not British ones. Click here  to see examples of the proper procedures.  When in doubt, follow Chicago.

Footnotes are expected for each essay, but should not be used merely to provide bibliographic material.  Citations (in appropriate style) should appear in the body of the text.

Image specifications:

Images must be black and white, scanned at 300 dpi, with a 6" minimum width or height.  Use only PICT or TIFF formats.  Please do not compress images or submit jpg files!  A typical image with the required specifications has a size of about 1.2 megabytes.

Only name hard-copy and digital images "Fig. 1," "Fig. 2" etc.  Ambiguous names of picture files create confusion for the editors and layout artists.

Captions and Figures:

Include in the text the approximate location where you would like your figures to appear. Captions for all of the figures must be included on a special page of the manuscript.

Direct inquiries to:

    Peter Biella and/or to your issue's guest editor.