If you are coming from the north and crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, you are on Highway 1.  Pass through the bridge pay booth and move to the right lane.  Set your odometer to 0.  After four-tenths of a mile, take the first right hand exit for 19th Ave.,/ Highway 1. 
    Drive through a park and tunnel, then emerge on Park Precedio Blvd.  Continue south through Golden Gate Park.  Once you are through the park, the name of your road changes to 19th Ave.  The cross-streets are in alphabetical order, but once you hit Sloat and a huge mall on the right, the alphabet stops and you are almost at San Francisco State.  At exactly 6.4 miles from the bridge toll booth you have reached the campus and will turn right on Holloway Ave.  At that point, follow these directions.

     If you are coming from Berkeley or the East Bay, once you reach San Francisco, you are on Highway 101.  Follow signs for San Jose until you are able to bear right onto Interstate 280 to Daily City.  The exit after Monterey is Geneva Ave./Ocean Ave.  Take it.
     Bear right on the exit, go up the hill and you find yourself on Ocean Ave.  You now have about two miles of stop lights and stop signs.  You will cross Junipero Serra, a big 6 lane boulevard.  Now, after three short blocks, you reach 19th Ave.  Turn left on it, go past the mall, and at the following corner, turn right on Holloway Ave.  Then follow  these directions