Here's how to get to the Hohenthal Gallery and Peter Biella's office.
   For a San Francisco Bay Area map, with routes to San Francisco State from the East Bay, Marin and south, click here.

   The red arrow on this map shows the driving route from the SF airport (which is south of San Francisco State).  Leave the airport and drive north on 101 for less than a mile.  Take 380 West for another mile, then go north on 280.  Look closely for a small sign that says "19th Ave., Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco State" and others for "Highway 1."  They all lead to the same place.  To take the right exit, stay in the left lanes of 280.
   Once you have taken the "19th Ave. / Highway 1" exit, get in the right lane.  At the first stop light, go straight, crossing 19th Ave. and landing on Junipero Serra.  Quickly change to the left lane and, at the first light, turn left onto Holloway.  A few short blocks leads you to cross 19th Ave. a second time.  Stay on Holloway.  The campus is on your right (go to lower map and read text below it).

     Having crossed 19th Ave., stay on Holloway and follow the reddish line on this map, pressing as close to campus as you can.  You can park anywhere, but here is how to get to the parking garage.  Stay on Holloway until you hit the roundabout and bear right to Font Blvd.  Bear straight through two more roundabouts, continuing to stay close to campus.  At the end of Font, turn right on Lake Merced Blvd.  Now go one short block and turn right at the first opportunity.  The parking garage is there to your left.
     Enter the first driveway.  Directly ahead is the machine that you need to feed a dollar for each hour you intend to stay or five dollars per day.  In front of it, a sign says "No parking here."  Park there and give the machine its dollars.  It gives you a card which you display on your windshield.  You can park anywhere in the garage except the roof - don't park there.  Exit the garage by elevatoring up to the roof and walking across the skyway.  Now cross campus (following the red dots on map) to my office.  Cross the commons.  You'll recognize it because it is dominated by the Cesar Chavez Student Center building which looks like the Titanic sinking twice.  Anthropology's building -- "Old Science" or "Science" as it is called -- is on 19th Ave., a further hike through the green. 
      Enter the building in its "side /courtyard entrance" to the right of the greenhouse, indicated on the map.  (You have the wrong entrance if you must either go up stairs or down stairs to get in the building!)  Walk straight in, 15 feet, and make a right hand U-turn to the elevator.  Take the elevator to the third floor, dodging a wall walk almost straight forward another 15 feet and turn right at the hallway. Spot the Hohenthal Gallery (SCI 388) sign halfway down on the left.  
      Peter Biella's office is inside the Gallery (telephone 415-405-0536).  If the door is locked, ring the doorbell.