The Gringo in Mañana-Land: A Musical

Produced and Directed by

DeeDee Halleck

Year: 1995

TRT: 61 minutes


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Box 89

Willow, NY 12495


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The analysis of feature films is an essential component of Visual Anthropology, and DeeDee Halleck’s remarkable compilation of Latin America, the Hollywood version, provides a crash course in visual ideology and racial stereotyping. While the U.S. Marines engaged in more than twenty invasions of the Americas, the silver screen waged its own battles for public approval over the last one hundred years. Halleck’s massive archival research has brought together a century of cinematic gringos, all driven to tame the lands of trouble and promise. The work moves viewers from shock and laughter to an intellectual appreciation of the eery, almost statistical regularity of Hollywood’s dominant propaganda themes.