Early on my scientific carer, I became deeply interested in the conceptual issues raised by quantum mechanics, and with its possible relationship to physical reality and to the physics of mind and consciousness. For that reason, I have always worked extensively on foundational issues in physics, and, more recently, I have been devoting an increasingly larger amount my time to the physics of the brain and theories of learning. Thus, my interests are interdisciplinary, integrating foundations of physics, biophysics, and philosophy. Below, you will find a summary of my main research areas. Most of my papers can be found in the Publications section of my website.

Biophysics of cognitive processes. I am interested in modeling brain functions, in particular learning, from physically plausible assumptions.
Foundations of quantum mechanics. My main long term focus is in realistic interpretations of quantum mechanics and its implications to causality and the structure of spacetime.
Physics education. I am researching the fragmentation of epistemological views of physics students and pre-service physics teachers, and how it relates to reasoning skills and instruction.