Motionless Electromagnetic Generator

and zero point energy


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Art inspired by infinite Zero Point Energy

    One of the greatest stumbling blocks to humanities peace of mind is finding a renewable and pollution free form of energy. I have researched the military industrial complex and intelligence agencies for about twenty years from academia, journalism and the eyewitness testimony of literally hundreds of military/government officials. I know for a fact from studying history and American foreign policy that these wars being fought right now have been planned long before 9/11. Saddam, Osama bin Laden, Noriega, were CIA operatives trained by the United States to carry out our agenda. When they don’t work out the way the corporate/intelligence/military cryptocracy wants, we deal with consequences. According to my research of geologists that help survey petroleum reserves, oil production has peaked in most regions of the world like the United States.  We have exhausted half the earth’s reserves and the remaining will be more expensive to extract. You are not being told this in the press. When a natural resource runs low humans usually fight for the last remaining bit.   The wars that are being fought today are to secure oil reserves left untapped. According to geologists, the last large reserves that remain untapped are the middle east and Columbia, areas the US is fighting in. Terrorism is really the hook, line and sinker for Americans to swallow.
    In my research I have come across many alternative energies that must be considered. These are patented devices that are able to generate electricity with out being plugged into an outlet and can run into infinity. The problem is that these devices are a threat to energy corporations that want to enslave people by having us buy fuel and electricity from them. I have done extensive research in this and knowof certain cases where new energy generating systems have been repressed.
    I would like to create an art project in digital format that will demonstrate some of the principles involved in two alternative energy generating systems which have been suppressed by certain powerful business interests. The first is the patented Motionless Electromagnetic Generator that extracts energy from an active vacuum and converts it to 2000 watts of electricity. Its source of energy is the zero point energy field, or the aether. Physicists have various terms for this field. The second is Cold fusion and extracting energy from water using palladium rods. I will use geometric designs to demonstrate these exotic concepts. These technologies have been repeatedly reproduced at many laboratories and universities but i only have abstract visuals based on the Dodecahedron which is the platonic solid for the aether.
    An Infinite light perched untop of a granite pyramid with no input source of electricity from the power grid but instead this generator will provide power for the rest of our lives. The purpose would be to raise awareness about alternative energy generating methods the do not involve pollution and dependence on fossil fuels. The beam of light will point up and is powered by a chain of generators.
    When I sat down to contemplate what my art piece was going to be, I tried to convey my ideas not just to expose the problem but present a solution or at least an alternative way. For many years I have been worried about humanities reliance on fossil fuels and how our economy revolves around that industry. It is absurd to think that the last hundred years we have only come up with the idea of a mechanical turbine spinning to produce electricity or only a gas combustion engine. These are antiquated ideas that will not provide the intense energy needs of the 21st century. The inventors of these technologies were great but they are long dead and other methods have been developed. For the past twenty years I have done research in the military industrial complex and have come across other modes of generating electricity. Many of my art projects themes are steeped in history, archeology, physics and technology. There are many layers of meaning that need to be understood and explained, especially since some of my pieces look so simple. They are simply based on nature and what already exists in my environment. I have similar approaches as John Cage in this respect. My art project was created in Bryce map modeling program and put online through Netscape Composer.


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