Mini Bear Inc. creates high quality, exotic pets for the discerning consumer. We specialize in "miniaturized" polar bears. Using novel gene technology we have produced the ideal pet. Soft, Fun, Well Mannered, Clean and Cute, Mini Bears thrive in any loving home. By "knocking out" the wild polar bear's adult-phase growth gene and "inserting" genes that promote health and good behavior we have designed a bear that is not only as small as a dog, but has the amiable personality traits of the finest pet. These pets are available custom-made to a select group of people each year. All bears are birthed naturally by our own in-house surrogate mothers. All pets are neutered or spade at birth to prevent the genome of this elite species from entering the fragile ecosystem. Mini Bear is devoted to the protection and preservation of the Earth and all her beloved denizens. Mini Bear polar bear pets preserve the endangered wild polar bear's precious genome in a tiny adorable package.