(manufacturing choice)
:market it
:sell it
:make them need it
:devalue its sacredness
:make it OWNABLE

:pre-conditioned to accept
:a matter of awareness
:a matter of effort
:a matter of desire

Motivations (fucking humanity)

Time (actual dictator)
:it goes
:it doesn't come back

their greatest commodity is our life.

are the masters of commodity
the masters of life?
why not let them be the
masters of death as well?
cheers to market expansion!

death to the imagination which expands
the world without capitalistic ties.

we've become indifferent to the
difference between their livelyhood
and our lives.

I can't think of anything else.
Everything is just a mirror;
reflecting what we allow us to be.

and yet constantly, again and again,
we perpetuate the status quo.