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Go: Sell Life and Death

Commercial Potential:

1. How safe is investing in the vending business?
The vending business has a 90% success rate. There is virtually no overhead, i.e. advertising costs, rent, employees to pay, etc. An excellent income can be maintained just by working a couple hours a week. It is virtually IMPOSSIBLE not to make money in this business.
2. How soon could I expect to see a financial return on my investment (ROI) in the vending business?
Typical actual return on investment is between one and two years depending on which machines you have and how good your locations are.
3. How will I know if the market is saturated in the area in which I am planning to locate my vending machines?
Depending on where you live, there can be literally several hundred locations in your city opening up every month. There is NEVER a saturation point.


Go: Kill Yourself

a practical guide to sucicide.
This one is almost motivating.
SF suicide hotline and help.  very motivating.