. . . a personal dilemma

There is life
and there is death.
:trapped in binary (no imagination)

I don’t know what death is.
:fear of unknown

I didn’t choose to be born.
:perpetuating without choice
I can’t say I regret it.
But then again, I can never know its actual regret, for I know nothing more than this life.

After I was born, I was conditioned…
It seems, without choice.
They fed me what they did, what they had, what they could.
:perpetuation of status quo
I do not blame them for who I am.
But I do wonder, what could have been had there been a consciousness of choice.

So now...CHOOSE.
choose what?
choose from everything there is to choose from
:only option
but first, or maybe later, you'll have to work your life away in a job that only satisfy's your desire to obtain that which you choose.  The job is just a vehicle.
:the small print
Go on, don't be scared, we offer garauntees too.   Plus everyone else is doing it.
:illusion of security and motivation

Breaking down.
Breaking down the barriers.
Breaking down the need for them to constuct me.
 (no. actually I need to learn to let go of you… fuck)