I feel like a winner
~The game you play that plays like you.

Do you "feel" like a winner?

››› ~The S-Machine
(Next Generation Slot Machine)

Casino Floor Map

-A look into the future of casino gaming

What is a S-Machine?

› The S-Machine is the next generation of slot machines.› With the popularity of slot machine increasing in both numbers and in gaming use, it was time for this old machine to get a new technological update.› By utilizing new technology and offering a new style of play, the S-machine begs the question "Do you feel like a winner?"› The fusion of webcams, GPS, Personal Area Networks an other new technologies not seen on average machines elevates this new kind of slot machine above and beyond the next level of gaming.›

Why a slot machine?

› Why not?››› The slot machine is a popular yet overlooked gaming option to the gaming world.› But with the fusion› of technology and careful research the› slot machine has› been reborn for your winnings.› The history of human versus machine is a constant battle.› With the S-Machine the battle continues with every spin of the reels and unlike old machines, games are encouraged to manipulate their outcome.

The Technology

Data Burst Technologies
800 Research Drive
Suite 240
Woodland Park CC 80863
Personal Tracking Software
cell phones
-No more Club Cards, just use the phone.

› Even before play starts on the casino floor, each casino player is tracked by local GPS.› No more club card needed.› Players are tracked by a small device that attaches to their cell phone.› This small device gathers information on a player just as a club card but the does more than track earned gaming points.› The multi function device gathers information about the player that helps customize game play on any S-Machine station as well as throughout a casino property.

~Player migration habits

IBM Research

Personal Area Networks (PAN)

› A Personal Area Network or PAN for short is the technology that takes the electrical conductivity of the body to send electronic data.› IBM researchers have concluded that,› "The speed at which the data is transmitted is equivalent to a 2400 baud modem. Theoretically, 400,000 bits per second could be communicated using this method".› What does this mean?› Players can be sensed if they feel like a winner.› The feeling of becoming the next big winner can be instantaneously and physically felt.›

~A new twist on the traditional lever

PAN Machinery

Web Camera
"Eye" see a winner!

~"Eye" See A Winner

› The S-Machine is all about being customed to fit the needs of every individual player.› The flexibility of the the S-machine allows each player to be in the game in more ways than one.› The "Eye" feature on the S-machine is literally the eye of the machine.› The "Eye" is a basic web camera that takes live images and integrates those images into slot play.› When a a player approaches the "Eye" give a wink and places a players image on each reel of the slot machine as an outcome.› If by chance that player lands on their image on a spin, they are brought to pure gamers delight just by seeing who the winner is.

~Custom play for Player
~No more 7-7-7 winners, more real winners

A Webcam
The "Eye" of the Beholder

Game Responsibly!
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