United States Patent 11,623,933
Sosa ,   et al. March  30, 2004

Neural Activity Receptor Headband


    The mind machine interface with neural receptor headband includes electrodes to receive electrical stimuli from brainwave activity and decode neuron firing for a computer (C# signal-processing engine) to algorithmically analze EEG signals into directions for remote control of a machine.  The headband/brain cap has electrodes that snuggly makes contact with the scalp to pick up electrical impulses.

Inventors: Sosa; Alfred S. (2419 Mission St. 94110); Bearden; Thomas E. (2211 Cove Rd., Huntsville, AL 35801); 
Appl. No.: 656313
March 27, 2003

Current U.S. Class: 600/544
Intern'l Class: H01F 027/24
Field of Search: 363/16,24,25,26,56.06,56.08,133,134 336/15,110,155,177,180,213,214,221,222

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What is claimed is:
1. A “mind machine interface” is able to remotely control machines via electrodes in a headband placed at specific points on someone’s skull.
2. You can visualize how it works by thinking of a joystick that turns left, right, up and down and how certain neurons or regions in the brain electrically fire up, as seen in catscans,  MRI’s, and picked up by electroencephalography (EEG) or magnetic encephalogram (MEG).
3. Electrodes placed over occipital lobes are able to pick up these impulses and translate them to directional movement.
4. The electrode headband/interface will use the modality of EEG to measure electrical current and/or MEG to measure magnetic dipole, both can measure brain activity.
5. A lead lined helmet is used for magnetic shielding to prevent environmental noise like the electro-magnetic  radiation of power lines, TV, etc from disrupting electrical signals that are being processed from neural activity.
6. Since the mind fires differently in separate parts of the brain for specific movements, a computer program uses an algorithm to decode brainwave activity into directions for a machine to follow.

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Arthur C. Clarke's "brain-cap" in his book 3001: The Final Odyssey