United States Patent                                                                                                 4,012,114
Maffei                                                                                                                         03-28-04
Luminous Hormone Test with Color Indicator.

    A luminous sticker, round 3/4 inch.,  having pasteboard 1, 2 sided adhesive paper 2 with chemical reactant that responds to hormone levels in the human body when in contact with human skin, and a luminous/color changing layer 3, wherein the sticker has a luminous layer 3 by adding light condensing/color changing material, which has good brightness and has long luminous time and changes color in five shades that indicate five level of hormonal body content to predict horniness to allow others surrounding anyone with the sticker on his/her body to quickly assess chance of scoring.  The five levels use the now standard DHS scale: green-low horniness, blue- guardedly horny, yellow- elevated horniness, orange- highly horny and red- severely horny.  The sticker  has a surface protection layer 4 by attaching a transparent matte film.
Inventors: Luke Maffei
Assignee: Rabid Bunny Inc.
App. No: 60615
Filed Date: 03-28-03
Current US Class                                                                           428/40.6;  428/40.1;  436/817
Field of Search                                                                              106/31;  422/86;  424/63;  
                                                                                                       424/64;  424/401;  428/40.1
                                                                                                       428/40.6;  436/163;  436/175
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(1) The sticker reacts to the hormones in the sweat on your skin.
(2) The adhesive glue will hold for up to 8 hours.
(3) The sticker changes color based on hormone content.
(4) A five color scale indicates how horny the wearer is.  
(5) The sticker will provide a quick and easy way for clubbers to gage the likelihood of sexual success when courting on the dance floor.