Art 511  Art and Emerging Technologies

View Project Summaries - Spring, 04

Professor Stephen Wilson, Conceptual Information Arts Program, SFSU


Project 1 -  Locate emerging technologies or areas of scientific inquiries and propose art project based on it.

Fractal Matter  - Andrew

S-machine (new slot machine) The Fusion of PAN, WebCams, and gps in one! - Brian

Flame speaker in a photoplasma  - Sky

Use of neuroimaging for artistic purposes - Ren
   - Luke

Fly-cam (records user while user wears glasses able to project/see image being recorded of themselves) - Geri

Project 2 -  Locate emerging technologies or areas of scientific inquiries and propose art project based on it.

Projection Surfaces-- Brian
In this proposal. I would like to investigate how to use a projector against multiple surfaces.

Stereoscopic ART
   - Daniela
The art of stereoscopic imagery

The Funhouse
   - Andrew
A freak show: Your identity through math and art.

Celebrity Surgery - Luke
The project would be a virtual glove box that allowed you to perform various experiments on a projection of yourself.

Suicide vending machine - Geri

making suicide convenient.

Miniature Polar Bears - Ren
Investigate possibilities of genetically modifying polar bears and other large mammals to create dimunitive version for household use.

Free Energy and over unity devices  - Sky
Infinite Energy Sources

Patent  - Develop idea for patent. Search previous patents and write proposal in form of patent.

Graffiti bike  - Geri

Muse-inc.  - Andrew

Music to fit the mood, by Muse Inc. EEG, now that sounds good!

Neural Activity Receptor Headband   - Sky
A “mind machine interface” is able to remotely control machines via electrodes in a headband placed at specific points on someone’s skull.

Organic Human Identifier - Eric
I would like to create an Identification tag for organic humans, humans created and raised organically, unenhanced.

Fruit Block Maker Thingy  - Brian
Makes Fruit Square

Sexified Sticker - Luke
A sticker that lets you know how horny your dance partner is.

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